The August 2017 Interview with artcritical

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An excerpt from my interview:

"I fight to stay myself. I do paint a lot of motifs sometimes, I do have a lot of things going on, but I’m always just searching for that purity. I am always trying to be affected by where I am at, where I am standing at the moment. I am using history, I am using my moment. I want to be a sponge in that way. So if it comes out, it comes out. Thinking about Van Gogh: when he was painting those paintings he didn’t know what they were going to be for us in a hundred years, but that constant searching, looking, making is what made him, so somehow that’s the way I want to be, constantly acting and making. Talking about things that are important to me."

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The 2016 Southern Style Now / Traditional Home Show House

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In 2016, Michel Smith Boyd, an Atlanta based Interior Designer, saw my work displayed through the Modern Look Book exhibition at the 20th Century by HKFA showroom in North Carolina. Michel was immediately moved by my work and asked to borrow a painting for an upcoming show house called Southern Style Now. The 2016 Southern Style Now / Traditional Home show house was the inaugural event and Michel was designing a room on the first floor. The portrait he borrowed for the room was titled Birthday, Self Portrait and it was an oil on masonite. Featuring prominently in his room, I was honored to have my work in his stunning design.
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