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 final shuttle over harlem.jpg
last painting of 747 flying space shuttle over harlem, oil paint on canvas, 48x48, csteed,
bogart bk, night scene, oil paint on canvas, 36x36, csteed, 2016.jpg
20181004_194220 (1).jpg
#13 beijing series pangu plaza_oilpaint and spray paint on canvas_ 48x36_2016_3,000.00.jpg
#12 beijing series, pangu plaza, oilpaint, spray paint and collage on canvas, 48x36, cstee
Beijing smog series, version 2#3, oil on masonite, 33x36 csteed, 2016.jpg
beijing series#14 cctv building, 2 masses coming togather becoming 1, oil and spray paint
cctv buildind at night, oil on masonite, 30x40 c,steed, 2016.jpg
bejing smog # 2, oil on wood, 30x30 csteed.jpg
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