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selfportrait as indian, oil on canvas, W.18xH.24, csteed, 2017.jpg
selfportrait with tutenchamin, oil on canvas, 24x42,2017, csteed.jpg
eatin crow, 2012 oil on mansonite 32x48.jpg
memphis slim at the piano_ oil on canvas_48x62_2012_7000.00.jpg
la selfie with maggritte infection, 80x60 , oil on canvas, 2016 c,steed.jpg
c,steed when dreams happen, oil on masoninte, 48x48, 2016.jpg
phonypeople mask, 18x24, oil on canvas,2017,csteed.jpg
Portait of my Gran mother_oil on canvas_136x113_2004.jpg
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